9 tips on how to remove a double chin


Who doesn’t love a prominent jawline? And, to our luck, it’s much easier than you think to enhance your cheekbones and lose the extra fat. Unfortunately, your skin begins to decline after the age of 25, regardless of what products you use. Disregarding gender, the double chin adds an extra 5-10 years to the face with a wide gesture.

The problem is not invented because even well-groomed and thin celebrities suffer from this scourge. See for yourself:

And if a man can remove his double chin by letting go of his beard, it is not at all easy for a woman to disguise it. Unlike the extra pound on the hips, there is no way to hide this fold on the face in the folds of clothing.

Hundreds of creams promise relief. But there is no evidence that any of them actually work.

Is it really all that remains in this case – just carefully monitor the fit of the head and keep the back? Is it possible to remove the second chin?

Let’s explore the most effective ways to make it disappear.

Tip 1. Lose weight

Trivial, but highly effective.

Take a look at this picture. Indeed, excess fat is often stored under the chin. Losing weight, we get rid of fat and, as a result, from the chin.

To remove double chin, change your diet, consume fiber primarily, eliminate the greasy and eat fewer calories.

This method has only one drawback – it is impossible to remove only the fat under the chin. So you will have to go in for sports and lose weight entirely (of course, paying particular attention to the face muscles).

Tip 2. Eat foods low in salt and sugar

Salt promotes water retention. Your body will accumulate water – on the face, this will be manifested by edema and a double chin.

Drink plenty of clean water to cleanse your system and prevent water retention.


“Wherever you go, keep clean water close at hand. Drink 1.5-2 liters on normal days. And up to 2.5 liters in the summer. On the day of flights, drink up to 2.8 liters, and men – up to 3 “.

Iskornev Andrey, Plastic Surgeon.

Tip 3. Fatty fish of cold seas 3 times a week

Despite the recommendation to limit fat, you should eat fatty fish 3 times a week. Fatty sea fish will provide your body with omega-3 and omega-6 oils. Omega acids improve skin elasticity. After all, if you decide to remove double chin with a diet, you mustn’t have anything like a turkey goiter after losing weight.

Choose salted or cold-smoked fish – fish should not be heat treated. A piece of herring or mackerel in 100 grams will be enough.

Tip 4. Do exercises for the muscles of the chin and neck

Here’s an effective double chin exercise.

  1. Open your mouth as wide as you can.
  2. Pull your chin forward.
  3. Focus on feeling how your muscles are working under your jaw.
  4. Start slowly, closing your mouth tightly.
  5. Count to 20.

Have your teeth met? Do not relax – start slowly opening your mouth with the same tension. Then, return to the starting position – only now you can relax.

Don’t be lazy. The same exercise will remove the first wrinkles on the chin and neck.

Tip 5. Use makeup with emphasis on the eyes and cheekbones

To remove the 2nd chin visually, do not wrap yourself in a scarf. This accessory, on the other hand, is very eye-catching on the neck. And we need to do our best to avoid such a situation.

Thick fluffy eyelashes, intense and well-defined eyebrows, eyeliner, smoky eyes, light lips – that’s it. This will visually divert attention away from the lower half of your face.

Talk to your makeup artist and find a blush that perfectly matches your skin tone. Then, use them to emphasize the line of your cheekbones.

Firstly, the correct line of the cheekbones makes a face narrower, younger and slimmer, hides the cheeks. Secondly, intense cheekbones shift the focus to the eye area and distract from the jawline.

skin care

Tip 6. Don’t wear necklaces

The accent in the neck area draws attention to the lower half of the face and makes your extra chin obvious.

So, let’s repeat the lesson: to remove a double chin, eat fatty fish, tone your neck, drink plenty of water, go on a diet and increase the activity to burn fat.

No time? Do you need a result “tomorrow”? Did you inherit your chin from your parents? Revealed after forty years?

We resort now to heavy artillery.

Tip 7. Lipolytic and liposuction

If weight loss does not help reduce the appearance of the chin, it is possible that your body perceives the chin as a fat depot. In such cases, gymnastics and diets are powerless. We need outside help.

The easiest way is to undergo an injection course. This is a solution that is injected directly into subcutaneous fat underneath the chin. This agent is injected into fatty tissue using an active syringe ingredient, deoxycholic acid, which ruptures the targeted fat cells, absorbing them naturally by the body. In terms of effectiveness, it competes with surgical liposuction!

The other method is laser liposuction of the double chin. It is carried out with microcannulas through tiny punctures of the skin, the traces of which heal on the 4th day. The laser doesn’t just break down fat. During the procedure, it contracts and tightens the skin of the chin without additional procedures.

Tip 8. Remove the double chin with threads

This is perhaps the most effective way to remove your chin without using a scalpel quickly. The result lasts for more than 5 years. In addition, this method allows you to remove the chin in a week, even less: on Wednesday, you come to the clinic, and on Monday, you go to work.

The price of the procedure depends on the volume of the intervention: the technique shows the best results in combination with laser liposuction.

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Tip 9. Plastic surgery

In adulthood, a double chin usually appears due to weakening and sagging of the neck muscle (platysma).

Plastic surgery allows you to remove the second chin and shows an excellent effect regardless of age.

The operation is called platysmoplasty and is exceptionally effective. With its help, you can even remove the third chin, tighten the fold of skin in the lower jaw area.

The plastic surgeon’s job begins with a small incision under the chin. Its task is to tighten the muscle in the center and fix it in a new position in order to achieve a new, beautiful contour. If there is fat in the chin area, the removal of the double chin is accompanied by laser liposuction.

Remember that no matter how old you are, it’s crucial to diet, drink plenty of water, exercise regularly, and take time to rest and sleep. A good facial will keep you young, and your lower chin will only be a distant memory.

Determine which procedures will be effective against your chin, to what extent, and how much they cost. You can only do it at a personal consultation.