Ayurveda Health Secrets From Ancient India

Ayurvedic medicine recognizes that every individual has a unique combination of three doshas. This natural balance of energies is the main cause of the physical and mental differences in humans.

Ayurveda is an ancient science that dates back over 5,000 years. The roots of this science were laid down in Sanskrit Samhitas (holy scriptures of Hinduism), not all of which have been translated into English.

Ayurveda’s purpose is to help heal and keep people healthy. It’s far simpler to stay healthy than it is to treat a sickness, especially if it’s well advanced. As a result, prevention is constantly emphasized in Ayurvedic treatment. This post will look at the most common and recommended Ayurvedic health practices.

17 Ayurveda Health Secrets

  1. About an hour before you go to bed, according to Ayurvedic advice, you need to drink a cup of warm milk that can be sweetened. Cardamom can be added to milk, fennel, or other spices that are also suitable. Attention, milk should be drunk separately from other food.

2. Before going to bed, you need to calm down and relax. How to do it? Ayurvedic medicine gives this advice: at night, you need to wash your feet with cool water and then massage your feet, smearing them with sesame oil. This procedure not only soothes but also strengthens the body’s resistance to disease. Breathing practices and meditation will also set you in the right mood before going to bed.

3. If you lie on your left during sleep, digestion improves, and energy is also accumulated. This is due to the fact that in this position, we will mainly breathe through the right nostril. Such breathing gives positive energy, promotes the work of the digestive tract, and warms. When you have to sleep in a cold place, you should lie on your left side, and the likelihood of freezing will decrease.

4. It would help if you did not sleep where food is stored. For example, a bad place to sleep would be the kitchen.

5. In the summer, when the weather permits, it is useful to spend the night outdoors, for example, on an open veranda. But if there is high humidity – fog or rain, it is better to return to the room.

6. With the beginning of the day, it is normal to awaken to action, and with the advent of the night – to go to rest. If someone begins to contradict this natural order, a discord appears that destroys the health of both the body and the soul.

7. The morning period is considered a time of goodness. The wrong food, taken in the morning, can ruin the whole day. Why do you have such problems? For breakfast, the so-called blissful foods are well suited. These include, for example, sweet fruits. You can also take dry fruits. Also, in the morning, experts advise eating dairy products: cottage cheese, cheese, butter, sour cream, and milk.

8. Many of us try not to wet our hair in the shower to save time in the morning. But Ayurveda advises washing your head. Thus, the subtle body of the mind and prana, the energy of life, are purified. The water flowing from the shower not only refreshes the body but also renews the mind. The adoption of water procedures invigorates and sets up for an active day.

9. The best time to meditate is right after the shower. It is better to meditate or engage in other spiritual practices in the morning. While the mind is not filled with daily worries, it is easier to focus, experts say. And there is no reason not to believe them. Also, after a shower, you can do a set of static exercises. Well, for example, asanas from hatha yoga are suitable.

10. When it comes to your three daily meals, lunch is the most important. Our digestive fire is at its height when the sun is at its highest position. This happens at 1 p.m. This does not mean that you should go to the buffet, but rather that you should alter the proportions of your breakfast and dinner correspondingly.

11. It is advisable to spend the evening calmly. You should not watch crime news, disturbing films, or programs that are full of negativity. They destroy our psyche and undermine the body, which is already tired during the day. If you want to watch a movie, choose a positive picture. You can listen to melodic music, read your favorite book, and spend time with your family.

12. Apply coconut oil religiously to the skin and body. It acts as a natural moisturizer and keeps skin supple for a long time.

13. What to choose for dinner? Light products. Suitable, for example, buckwheat porridge or lentil soup. Steamed vegetables go great in the evening (potatoes, carrots, beets, zucchini, etc.). In terms of calories and volume of food, dinner should take a middle place between breakfast and lunch.

14. One who cooks should be in a calm and peaceful state of mind. After all, food is able to absorb and convey mood and thoughts. That is why Ayurveda experts do not advise eating in places that do not inspire confidence. For the same reason, you need to stop buying ready-made salads or other dishes in stores. Buns, bread, and other baked goods absorb emotions most strongly.

15. Olive and flaxseed oils are the best for salad dressing. But frying them is not worth it. When heated, these oils decompose and become harmful to our body. Slightly more resistant to heat sunflower oil. And best of all, corn is available to us and is suitable for this purpose. It is the most capable of enduring high temperatures and not decomposing.

16. After the end of the meal, you should not immediately jump up and actively engage in business; this is harmful to digestion. You need to sit quietly for at least 5-10 minutes.

​​17. Ayurveda recommends eating citrus and sour fruits apart from milk. Even the traditional product – yogurt with pieces of fruit will not be useful, according to the followers of Ayurveda. You must eat it separately.