10 causes of autism and why Kids Being Diagnosed With It

causes of autism

In general, the causes of autism are still a mystery for researchers and a topic that they discover new things about it every year.

Autism is a violation of the perception of external stimuli. Which makes the child sharply react to some phenomena of the external world and almost not notice others.While there is no cure for autism spectrum disorder, intensive, early treatment can make a big difference in the lives of many children.

Signs of autism in children of different ages

The first signs of a child’s developmental disorder appear in the first year of life. Parental alarming signals include:

  • 8 months – lack of eye contact and reaction to the name;
  • 12 months – atypical use of gestures, no pointing gesture;
  • 18 months – atypical play activity, misunderstanding of speech or refusal to enter into dialogue;
  • 24 months – a whole set of interrelated features. The lack of imitation of an adult and social communication in the game. Also, the slow accumulation of vocabulary.


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