The best Books to improve your mindset in 2020

books to read

Reading is a cornerstone of personal development.

It won’t immediately solve your problems or improve your circumstances, but it will show you how to if you apply what you learn.

Learning is important, but it’s the application process that gets the results.

Why Personal Development Matters?

“The life you currently live, is the life you think you’re worth.” ~Terri Savelle Foy

I love this quote because it makes you question if where you’re at is fulfilling and purposeful, or leaves you longing for more.

It makes you consider what your current lifestyle says about you, and how that conclusion makes you feel about yourself.

Nobody wants to read that quote and think about how unfulfilling their job is.

Or how empty they feel knowing weekends are spent at the bar, entertaining temporary people.

How dysfunctional (or absent) their relationships have become.

The bad habits they’ve maintained for years, negatively impacting their life, but they just can’t seem to give them up.

Personal Development starts with the understanding that the path to happiness, success, joy, fulfillment, and purpose in life only comes through personal growth.

Through personal development and subsequently, personal growth, you learn the value (and practice) of self-discipline, good habits, productivity, building exceptional relationships, setting goals (and achieving them) and so much more.

If you’re reading this now and thinking you want more for your life (and you should!), this list is for you.

Grab some books and get inspired to change, then make that change by applying what you’ve learned.

What’s that, you’re not a reader?

I’ll admit-reading has always come naturally to me, but unfortunately for some, it doesn’t. That doesn’t mean you can’t learn to love reading.

But just for the stubborn of you out there, I’ve also included the audio book where possible.