Effective Tricks to Make a Customer Service Robot Connect You to a Real Human

When it comes to customer service, we’ve all had negative experiences. Long lines, trouble finding the appropriate person, and having to repeat oneself… Customer service leaves a lot to be desired all of the time.

Each year, Americans spend 900 million hours on hold. This demonstrates how individuals still prefer to contact customer support via phone calls for various reasons and issues. The Tricks to solve your problem and get a Customer Service Robot to connect you to a Real Human are here. However, finding a solution isn’t always easy, with so many robots on the other end of the line. That is why we must be inventive and employ techniques to get a real human to move and pick up the phone.

Say nothing or press 0.

Customer Service Number - The Best Way To Contact Your Credit Card Company


Pressing 0, followed by the initial robot welcome, is the most effective way to contact a real person. Most companies employ this strategy, though some may need you to add a “#” before the 0. However, even after the robot has left, you should expect to wait for a long time.

If the 0 technique fails and the robot continues to speak to you, you must remain silent. Wait patiently without answering any questions. Many companies are configured to direct you to the caller in this case.